Vets on Balwyn are lucky enough to have extensive onsite diagnostic and treatment facilities staffed by a large and capable team. This means we can provide you with most of the veterinary services your pet is likely to need over their lifetime. However, in some situations, specialised veterinary knowledge is required to ensure your pet receives the best possible care. For this reason we have partnered with a number of specialists including oncologists, ultrasonographers, surgeons and radiologists.

Pet Care

  • As we reach the peak of summer we welcome long hot days and balmy nights. It’s the best time of the year to get out and about with your pet but there are a few hazards you need to watch out for.  Heat stroke: It can be easy to overdo it in the summer and …
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  • Christmas dog hiding under blanket
    There are many hazards around the home during the holidays - and Christmas has it's fair share of secret nasties that can affect the health of your pet!
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  • Vaccination is one of the most powerful tools we utilise to help keep your pet healthy. Vaccinations are safe. They have minimal (if any) side effects and we recommend you vaccinate your pet because, above all, they work. Quick Vaccination Facts: Vaccinations protect against potentially fatal diseases.Many dangerous or life-threatening animal diseases are preventable with the right …
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